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Helicopter Parents Make Bad Pilots

One of the most atrocious and laughable phenomena of the last few decades, the 'Helicopter Parent' has reached new heights as their kids have aged. They're now highly involved in their children's job search process.

For those not familiar with 'Helicopter Parents', you probably are and just don't realize it. These are parents who hover over their kids lives, getting far to involved in aspects which they don't need to be a part of. Some examples are parents who call up college professors and complain about bad grades their children got.

Well, now their attending job fairs and answering questions about the student's backgrounds for them. Some parents have even gone as far as to call an employer asking why their kid didn't get a job after an interview, or if the child did get hired, asking about job performance reviews.

If you're one of these kids, welcome to the 7th Level of Loserdom. If you can't prove yourself without mommy and daddy's help, then you're of no use as an employee.

It's bad enough that these parents act like this, but it's even worse that these children let them do it this long. I'm sure it seems easier to have someone else do everything for you, but then there's no sense of accomplishment or satisfaction.

Oh, and if you're one of these kids, please don't ever bother interviewing with me for a position. I know that if I get a call from your parents for any reason, they'll be hung up on faster than a helicopter blade can spin.

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