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Hawk Tunes

The past few weeks, I've been spinning a lot of songs from the soundtracks for the first four Tony Hawk Pro Skater games. While it does bring back fond memories of sitting around in dorm rooms with the guys taking turns as we tried to beat some of the near impossible tasks set forth by the game, I have to admit that most of the music is just awesome in general.

Seriously, I could just listen to most of it for hours; and the funny thing is that I probably couldn't identify 75% of the artists without my iPod in front of me. (Honestly, I had no idea that one of the songs I really liked was by Xibit, who became That Guy Who's On "Pimp My Ride" Because His Albums Don't Sell, But He's Funny To Watch.) It's like the game developers said "I don't care who it's by, we're just going out to find really good music that fits the game." What a novel idea!

After all, there are few things that can kill a game faster than a bad soundtrack, and few things that can lengthen the life of a game than a great one.

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