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Wii Will, Wii Will, Rock You!

So, I spent Saturday evening at my local Wal-Mart Supercenter, sitting in the Lawn & Garden section with my sister. What were we doing there? Waiting in line for the Wii, of course!




After about 3 hours in line, they let us know that they only had 27 available (after they had earlier told us 30+ would be available) and passed out tickets. We were a little nervous, because we knew we were pretty close to the 30th in line. So, as they came down the line, we got ticket number 26 (and were thankful at that). However, it took them another hour for them to start taking people back for the sales, and almost another 45 minutes before I got my chance to get one.

That experience in itself was interesting. I was just happy that the crowd there was much calmer and relaxed than many of the PS3 crowds you’ve seen on TV. Probably a combination of twice as many Wiis as PS3s being available and a more family-friendly crowd (I actually saw a few whole families in line!)

So, of course we raced back to my apartment to check it out. An few hours later, we had created Miis of ourselves, played tennis, bowling, baseball, and boxing (all in Wii Sports), and tried out several mini-games in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. By then it was 3 AM, and it was time to crash, whether we wanted to or not.

After having commitments most of yesterday, I still haven’t gotten a chance to try my hand at Madden ’07 and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess yet, but I plan on doing that soon. Add to that the downloads of Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda (original NES) that I grabbed for the virtual console, and I’ve got lots to keep me busy!

I have to admit that the new controls so far are very foreign for me as a gamer. They’re intuitive, unlike most video games, and that takes some time to get used to for me. The full level of control is impressive (though some games aren’t implemented as well as they’d like to think…Monkey Ball has a few of these problems…hopefully Mario Party won’t have these when they get around to releasing it), and the controls are responsive. It’s also more tiring than average gaming, since you actually have to move to play! Can’t say that hurts, since who couldn’t use a little more exercise (besides Jack LaLaine, of course)?

I’m very happy with the purchase! I’ll also let you know what the rest of my family thinks after we get to show it off while hosting Thanksgiving at our apartment this year (and with my little brother already a PS3 fanboy, it’ll be interesting to hear what he thinks).

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