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A Time For Change

For those of you who may not know, this coming Sunday will be the last one at South Pittsburgh Assembly of God (SPAG) for both Marci and I. We've been at the church for nearly four years and have been very involved. I've been the worship leader for the better part of three years, and was elected to the church board earlier this year. Marci has also spent much time helping out teaching Sunday School and organizing and being a part of numerous activities within the church. In that time, the church has been good to us, and we have been thankful for us.

But we were feeling that we had outgrown the church and weren't really being strengthened by it. So we had debated about searching for a new church, but it was hard to just go and do because we were so involved and needed by SPAG. We left that thought on the backburner for a while in the interest of the church.

However, when Pastor Paul left our church over the summer, we lost good friends in him and his family, and the church lost its leadership. I tried my best to step up by emceeing the weekly service, and I became Chairman of the Pulpit Committee that was formed to try and find his replacement (which lead to me having a virtual Chairman of the Board position). I was able to hold things together for a while, but when we, as the leadership of the church, started exploring the idea of merging with another smaller church in hopes of creating a larger and stronger church, we were met with some opposition which has caused some to "take sides". Unfortunately, this came as my passion for the church was waning, and in October Marci and I decided to make the move to leave SPAG. I've been there for guidance, advice and help in the meantime, but mostly I've been an observer while continuing to lead worship.

So, this Sunday is our last Sunday at SPAG, and the board has been gracious enough to allow me to speak as a farewell. I've already picked out a children's Christmas story, The Tale of Three Trees, to share as part of a message that we typically don't know God's will for our lives, but ultimately it's better than our own will for our lives. It may fall on deaf ears, with those who have taken sides and determined that their will is God's will, but I'm hoping it will be a good note to leave on. After all, we're leaving the church with no idea where we're being called next. We just know that our hearts are no longer at SPAG, and God has somewhere else for us now.

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