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Keepin' Busy

Well, I haven't posted much the last few weeks, and that's because the holidays have kept me, and I sure most of you as well, pretty busy. Just a few days after getting back from Las Vegas, we were making our way out to Marci's mother's house for Christmas. We returned on Christmas night as I had to work on Tuesday (apply "low man on the totem pole" theorem here), but I was able to get off Wednesday. So Tuesday night we drove out to Columbus and then came back Wednesday night. So, it was a lot of travel, and I'm still a bit tired from it.

We also found that my parents finally found someone to buy their house, so in the next month we'll be working on moving them out here to Pittsburgh. That was good news to hear, and I'll look forward to having them nearby for visits and such. Plus it will be easier on them instead of trying to make due while living three hours apart for the last six months.

In general, it was an interesting holiday. After Marci and I got married, we figured it would take some time getting used to our change, but it seems more like we're the ones staying the same and everyone else that's changing. Marci's mom got married back in January, so this was the first Christmas with her new husband around. My family moving after a good stint in Columbus. When you're used to different traditions, it's strange when everything seems to change all at once.

Oh, and don't worry. The Wii logged it's traveling miles as well and got it's fair share of use over the holidays as well. And Jake had a good old time wearing himself out while getting attention from other people.

How was everyone else's holidays?

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