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The January Challenge

Don't call it a New Year's Resolution, because it's not. However, I have decided to give up pop for the month of January. Over the past few years, especially the ones spending early hours sitting at my desk trying to work, I've developed a dependence on the caffeine in soft drinks, specifically Mountain Dew. Some days were very bad, where I'd drink almost a full 2-liter of the stuff in lieu of coffee, and I'd still be dragging. Add to that the fact that I've gained weight and lost some energy, and I knew it was time to make a change.

Now, I'm not swearing off pop forever, but I need to show myself that I don't NEED it…that it is a treat to have on occasion.

I can already tell that it's going to be a long month, because I've got a wicked headache today, presumably from the caffeine withdrawal. Even last night I wasn't motivated to do anything, as my energy levels fall off a little bit before my body adjusts and cleans itself out some.

In the meantime, I'd appreaciate your encouragement. I'm sure I'll make it anyway, but it'll make it easier.

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