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  • named Pittsburgh one of the top tech cities in the country, largely in thanks to CMU, a new Google branch and a glut of electronics stores. Clearly, they didn’t take job availability and salary into account though.
  • The MPAA have been caught uploading fake torrents of movies in order to collect IP addresses and send copyright infringement letters to ISPs. However, if you don’t download the proper torrent, are you really infringing on copyright? Or do you charged with “Intent To Infringe Upon A Copyrighted Work”?
  • The FCC has ruled that Comcast can’t use internal security in their set-top boxes that tie them directly into Comcast’s services. I’m not sure what that’s going to mean to me as a cable customer, but they’re appealing, so nothing is likely to change for another year anyway.
  • The Pirate Bay, a Swedish company that has caught a lot of international headlines regarding illegal file-sharing, is looking into purchasing Sealand, a “micronation” (a.k.a. a former British naval platform) off the coast but outside of the jurisdiction of the UK, for somewhere in the realm of 500 British pounds. Word is that they’d also erect a giant hand on the platform in order to continue giving the world the middle finger.
  • Apple continues to be about the only backer of DRM left. Then again, the appear to be about the only ones able to sell music online successfully (and legally).
  • Cisco is suing Apple over the recently announced iPhone’s name, which is trademarked by Cisco. Not sure what Cisco’s plan for the name was, but maybe they just saw the eventual iEverything concept Apple was going for as they’ve also trademarked iMicrowave, iBlender and iToilet.
  • A spy satellite launched last year by the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) is now unable to be contacted by it’s operators. In light of the failure and financial setbacks, the NRO will be resorting to using Google Earth to monitor the world for the time being.

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  • The Amazing Lego Church! You’ve got to take a look at this incredible project!
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