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I got this from Ray, who got it from Tim, and I thought I'd follow suit and throw my hat into the ring with this meme. It's supposed to be a way for Adobe to learn a little more about their ColdFusion clientelle, so here's my contribution:

  • 27 years old

  • Married for a year and a half, no kids yet

  • Drives a 1998 Toyota Camry, maroon

  • Lives in an apartment, a nice two bedroom. Decorations are hard to classify, but are heavily influenced by functionality and the IKEA catalog.

  • Has strong allergic reactions to Macs and can't stand the Mac/PC commercials (too many broad strokes and false statements). Likes UPS Whiteboard commercials, because they are just straightforward.

  • Didn't see a single movie nominated for the Oscar for best picture, but was generally disappointed in many movies this year anyway. Still want to see some on the list, though, including: The Last King of Scotland, The Departed, and Children of Men.

  • Into LOST, 24, Law & Order (any), and Mythbusters. Also enjoys Iron Chef from time to time.

  • Like playing hoops, swimming and rollerblading, but never have enough time to do them.

  • Food? Wings, pizza, steak, Chinese, and Indian make the Top 5.

  • Music? I like a little of everything, but focus mostly on Alternative, Rock, and Christian Rock. My Last.FM profile gives a pretty good depiciton of my tastes.

  • Can lose long periods of time watching Top Gear clips on YouTube.


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