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January Challenge Recap

Well, I’ve completed my January Challenge, and it’s time to reflect upon it…

First, I feel better for it. I think I’ve lost a little bit of weight (it feels like it, though I haven’t officially checked), and I definately don’t feel so dependent on the sugar and caffeine of pop. I’ll still have it from time to time, but definately not at the rate I had previously.

Second, it put things in perspective and has me wondering what else I can cut back on in my diet and life, as well as what things I need to increase, like exercise. I’d love to get back to playing sports for fun and exercise. It also made me think about what I am eating, and about some of the choices that we are not always given with our diets.

Third, I saw some things from a different perspective. When we would go out to eat, there were some restaurants that made it very difficult to find a refreshment that wasn’t pop or water (because after drinking nearly a gallon of water while at work, I wanted something with some taste to go with my meal). I also better understand the troubles addicts have in stopping their bad habbits. There were a few times I was around people drinking pop and I found it very difficult to restrain myself.

This has been a good experience for me, and now I just need to follow through on the changes that have been brought to light during this time. Again, easier said than done.

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