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Moon Over Boston

I’m still amazed by all the hubbub from Boston since Wednesday about the Adult Swim promotion gone awry. Expecially now that they’ve got the two guys who put up the promotions in custody, because they really don’t deserve to be there.

Make sure you take the 2 minutes to watch the “A scary ‘promotion'” video linked from that page and the “Web video shows men placing light boards around Boston” video on this page. You’ll quickly realize how LEDrediculous it was that someone mistake something that looks like it was made with a Lite-Brite for a bomb. Plus, the promotions went up in nine other major cities, and none of them called in bomb threats.

I’m sure the city of Boston is looking for someone to hold responsible (both morally and financially) for this situation, where they appear to have blown over a half-million dollars dealing with these “potential bombs”.Lite-Brite However, they’d probably be better off fessing up to their own mistakes in the situation and moving on. But these are politicians heading the charge, so don’t expect that to happen. However this ends, it’s probably going to be badly, and it’ll probably cost more than a half-million in taxpayer money. Thankfully, I don’t live in Massachusetts, so I don’t have to help foot the bill.

Oh, and you might want to think about throwing that old Lite-Brite away, or someone might think you’re building a bomb….

UPDATE: Well, it looks like the city got Turner Broadcasting to foot the bill for their overzealous response, as well as provide $1 million in “goodwill funds” that will be divided amongst the agencies to provide emergency response training, among other initiatives. I’d love to be in one of those training classes as the instructor went back and forth between a package C4 and a Lite-Brite going “bomb”, “not bomb”, “bomb”, “not bomb”.

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