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Race Scheduling Conflict

Last night, my wife was busy with homework early in the evening, so we decided to let the DVR pick up the debut of “The Amazing Race: All-Stars” for us at 8pm. A few hours later, we decided to watch it when she was done with her work, and what did we get when we pressed play? The second half of “60 Minutes”, and then the first half of “The Amazing Race”. Boy, were we miffed.

Now, this was more common practice in the fall when NFL games would run long and push all the evening programming back, but last I checked, the Super Bowl was played two weeks ago. Now, seing as mid-Febuary is a dead season for sports and CBS has been advertising this premier since the final episode of the 10th race that concluded in early December, you’d think that they’d try to stick firmly to the 8pm advertised time. However, it appears that the afternoon’s golf match (the ever popular Nissan Open ) ran long, but still should have completed well before the start of “60 Minutes”.

Honestly, I haven’t seen a popular show toyed around this much sind Fox and Matt Groening butted heads over “Futurama”. Way to blow it CBS!

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