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Hey Mister (and Miss) Vain

Just a quick post today, but is reporting on a study that shows that college students are becoming more vain. Clearly, the people conducting the study completed college at least 30 years ago, or they would have saved themselves the trouble of stating the obvious to all of us.

While the article even tries to spin it in a good light (stating that narcissism may even be good in some situations, specifically citing having the courage to go to American Idol auditions…that's right, even William Hung), the truth is that there a number of people in my generation and the next coming generation are going to be in a lot of trouble when they realize that the "You're special!" and "You can do whatever you want!" hippy feel-good mantras leave them stuck in a go-nowhere job, because they never put the effort into developing marketable skillsets, and lonely, because they put their image above all meaningful friendships and relationships.

Granted, this won't happen to everyone, but even if it happens to as much as a quarter of graduates, it's a shame.

Besides, if we were all special, then nobody would be special!

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