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Hotel Rwanda: A Must See

I just got done watching Hotel Rwanda, and I must admit that it was excellent. It deserved every bit of acclaim that it got and then some, and it should be required viewing for anyone living in a civilized nation.

Many times, it can be hard to understand the infighting that goes on in a number of African nations. ER tried to do Darfur justice in the fall, but still felt disconnected from the whole situation because it was outsiders going into the situation. However, Hotel Rwanda tells the story of the pain of a genocidal situation from the perspective of a man who was caught up in the middle, and really throws you into the middle of everything.

Oddly enough, the whole situation revolved around the distinctions of Hutu and Tutsi, labels which originate from european colonists who marked some Africans as genetically superior to others. And just like Christian denominations, there are people who will die believing that their label is the best one, and there are those who don’t see the distinctions as being signifigant at all. However, the situation in Rwanda was clearly carried out to an extreme.

In all, there were two things about this movie that hit me most:

  1. This only happened 13 years ago, while I was about to start High School, and I don’t remeber hearing a single thing about it then and nearly ONE MILLION PEOPLE DIED in the conflict. Clearly, this says something about our, and our media’s, priorities.
  2. The lengths that these people had to go to to get assistance and even get to a refugee camp was mind-boggling. However, the citizens of Western countries were pulled out of the situation as soon as possible.

Take the time to see this movie, and you’ll be glad you did. I may never watch it again, because it was so hard to watch the first time, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget it.


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