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The Amazing Strawberry Checkerboard Birthday Cake

Well, occasionally I like to show off my culinary prowress, so today I’m sharing with you my Amazing Strawberry Checkerboard Birthday Cake, specially prepared for my sister’s birthday. It’s a three-layer yellow and strawberry flavored cake, made with alternating rings to give it a checkerboard look when sliced. It’s also got strawberry frosting and sliced strawberries between each layer, and finally has vanilla frosting and sliced strawberries on the outside. If you’re a fan of this berry, how can you possibly not be intrigued.

Here’s some shots:

Overhead Cake Shot

While my cakes may be good, my cake writing needs a little work!

Side Cake Shot

Notice the slight rounded shape (making it more of a bomb than a standard cake). Still learning my lessons about leveling off cake layers, especially with three layers!


And there is the checkerboard goodness! I won’t give away my secret, but I’m sure your local crafts store would.

Oh yea, and my sister loved it!

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