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Computer Science Without Math?

Sometimes, I really have a hard time believing the things that I read. Well, last week I came across a short article about a new book that computer science is not, and should not be based on mathematics.

Now, I can understand the opinion that programming requires less mathematical knowledge than it did in past decades because many algorithms have been established and languages have incorporated common complex computations into their folds. However, to claim that math is not needed for computer science is just rediculous. I'd love to see the author figure out the location of a mouse click without some kind of location calculation.

But maybe this does explain all the horribly inefficient code I've come across in my days as a developer.

Found via Slashdot

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  1. prashanth prashanth

    sir the establishment of algorithms doesn’t end in itself. the computing area is an continuously evolutionary
    field& it needs maths as its heart,brain&direction to guide,achieve further developments.
    those people critical of maths in CS should only remember that the high level user inter-face tools aren’t possible without understanding&pondering on maths & algorithms.

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