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Roundup Of Things On Slashdot That Interest Me

  • Smarter Teens Have Less Sex – Maybe they know the problems that can result if you screw up at that age?
  • Electric Car May Usher Changes – A Norwegian car company named Think is looking to change the way people look at electric cars and car sales in general.
  • Singles, Not Albums, Define Music Industry Success – Only interesting because it was clearly written by someone who wasn't paying attention. Fifteen years ago, the music industry was doing fine and releasing quality albums. However, closer to ten years ago they decided that they could make more money by putting a single with a bunch of crappy songs and still calling it an album. The only problem with this change by the industry is that it came about the time that the MP3 was gaining popularity and file sharing on the internet was growing. Basically, their plan backfired as people realized that they could get the one decent song for free instead of wasting $15-20. Since then, the music industry has been scrambling to figure out what to do now, and their mislead efforts to sue kids who downloaded a few songs and raise internet radio royalty rates (a source which is probably one of their biggest advertising posibilities at this time). In fact, the music industry could probably do better if they could put together solid albums instead of aiming for one-hit wonders.
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