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A Big Welcome To BlogCFC

Well, after several months of just having the time to make the changes to my homebrew blogging solution, I've decided to make the move to Ray Camden's BlogCFC.  Part of this was because I wanted to have more time to work on other projects, and part of it was to make writing to my blogs easier on myself.  So, I've made the move with both this blog and my one over at 

I'm sure I'll be making a number of tweaks to the look and functionality of the site.  I've already made a few changes to have both blogs run on the same instance under different URLs, maintain separate pods (or the blocks over on the right), and work smoothly with Gmail for Domains available through Google Apps (thank you CF8 and useTLS).  Oh, and while the old URL's won't work any more for posts and such, they will dump you out on the main page.  However, the feedburner feeds have been updated, so you won't miss anything if you've subscribed.

Hopefully, this will be a relatively smooth transition though.

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