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Amazing Race 12 – 11/4/2007

So begins the 12th season of The Amazing Race.  After having to put up with last season's rehash “all-stars” format (having only one team that actually won the race previously, one team that wasn't even a team previously, and all of the most annoying teams from the previous seasons), we finally get some fresh blood.

As I told my sister before the episode started, the first few episodes are less about finding a team to root for, but finding the teams you want to get eliminated early.

Very quickly, I found myself hoping the following teams would fail:

  • Ari & Staella – “Best Friends” – Who just came across as jerks from minute one.
  • Kate & Pat – “Married Ministers” – Who seem like the token “gay couple” for the show, but don't seem to have a chance to make it past the first few checkpoints.
  • Kynt & Vyxsin – “Dating Goths” – Who seem to have confused goth for the 80's new wave look, and are just too “out there” for me.

Fortunately, we didn't have to deal with Ari & Staella for long, as they got passed up by teams while they verbally abused their donkey assistant in Ireland.

So one down, nine to go (two in particular)!

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