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Pats Triumph Over Colts, 24-20

In a game that was closer than I expected, I was very relieved to see the Pats walk away with the win.  It really looked like the cards were stacked against them, with the Colts playing well defensively at home and the refs making a number of questionable calls and no-calls (the major one being the long pass interference call that gave the Colts their second touchdown of the game).  In the end, the Pats were able to overcome all them.

But I came away very impressed with Joseph Addai.  If it weren't for his ball skills, the Colts wouldn't have even been in the game.  He could be good in the Marshall Faulk role for a number of years for the Colts.  Hopefully Belichick will be a little more prepared for his role next time around.

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