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Guitar Hero III will rock your face off!


For a while now, I had been anticipating the release of Guitar Hero III for the Wii.  I had played demos of the prior versions in the store on the PS2, but my PS2 has done little more than gather dust the last few years, so I decided to hold off on buying the special controllers and everything.

However, last week the waiting ended, and I’m very happy to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all.  Guitar Hero III has a great set list, is easy enough to pick up and play on beginner difficulty, but ramps up difficulty enough to push players to their limits.  I’ll admit that I’m not great so far, but after coasting through most of the songs on easy, I found the medium difficulty to be quite a step up.  In some ways it’s aggravating, but what fun would it be to breeze through all the songs?

Just like I thoroughly enjoyed Frequency and Amplitude, the titles that made music-based gaming popular in the first place, I am very enthralled with Guitar Hero III.  I’ve found myself losing hours at a time playing the game as I continue to tell myself “just one more song”.  And I haven’t even tried the online gaming yet!

If you’re up for playing some, feel free to drop your friend code below and maybe we can thrash together!

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