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If I Were A Microsoft Employee, This Would Make Me Nervous

Thursday, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer came down with yet another case of foot-in-mouth disease:

“Google is not ahead of us” said Ballmer, “In the area of search specifically, Google would lead.”

I'm not sure where he's coming from, but if it has just about anything to do with the internet, then Goodle is ahead of Microsoft:

  • Advertising
  • Online Applications (Google Apps, Blogger, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Video (YouTube)

It's not like Microsoft doesn't rule the roost with it's other moneymakers like Windows, Office and other PC-based application.  However, to think they are even coming close to competing with offerings like Windows Live is just ridiculous. 

It's one thing to be confident in your current strategy, but to not even be able to see things for what they are is what would make me nervous as a Microsoft employee.  This is the kind of attitude that leads to loss in market share and missing developing opportunities.  Whereas Google tends to purchase innovative companies and strengthen them by bringing them into the fold, Microsoft often seems to try to replicate the success of these innovators, leaving them behind the curve.

It's a dangerous road to travel, even with all that extra capital behind you…

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