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Amazing Race 12 – 11/11/2007

Another week, another elimination.  Even though we were treated to somebody's grandfather in his underwear as he struggled to cross a bog (let's just say he needs to switch to boxers), it was ultimately the lesbian “Married Ministers” Kate & Pat, with their “why run when you can walk” attitude, who got eliminated.  Interestingly, that's already two of the teams I wanted to see eliminated gone from the show.

What else we learned this week was that people can't tie knots.  All it took were some quick instructions and following them to make the hoist detour easy.  But there were several teams who just couldn't get it.

However, a few more teams managed to make my bad list this week.  Let's recap:

  • Kynt & Vixsin – “Dating Goths” – They're stronger that most teams initially thought, but they should be fun to root against for a while.  Eventually, I think Kynt will be the weak link for them.
  • Jennifer & Nathan – “Dating” – I'm not even sure how they're dating.  They don't seem to get along, and Jennifer just breaks down into something mean when she gets frustrated.
  • Ronald & Christina – “Father/Daughter” – I really wanted to like them at first, but Ronald just never shuts up and constantly belittles his daughter.  Unless they start getting along more, they're going to stay on the bad list.

There are a few teams emerging as likeable so far, but I'll keep them to myself in case the editors destroy a teams image like they did with Ronald & Christina this week.  Maybe will get a few closer finishes as well, since Kate & Pat were way behind the pack this week.

Oh well, it's still early!

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