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This Post Brought To You By The Letter “S”

And that ‘S’ would stand for ‘stupid’, as in the recent ‘Adults-Only’ rating given to Volumes 1 and 2 of Sesame Street, recently released on DVD.  That’s right, the loveable, timeless creations of Jim Henson that aired on PBS for 38 seasons, starting in 1969, has been deemed inappropriate for children.

Shame on them for trying to help kids learn and teach them values.  Though times have changed, the lessons found in Sesame Street have not:

  • Don’t be mean to others (try being nice instead of simply taking more prozac).
  • Learning can be fun (yes, as fun as your PSP).
  • Sharing is important (even if you love what you share…right Cookie Monster?)

Look, if you sit a kid down and they come away thinking that smoking while reading (followed by eating the pipe, as Cookie Monster did in the Monsterpiece Theatre segments) is a good idea, maybe you need to spend more time teaching the kid about reality and humor.  Otherwise, Sesame Street is still a great series for children.

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