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Amazing Race 12 – 11/25/2007

Well, with the holidays, I got a little behind on the race.  Fortunately, my wife and I got the time to get caught up on things tonight.

Last week, we were treated to both the mental collapse of Lorena, who decided to repeatedly scream around a startled camel as she tried to milk it, and Shana & Jennifer who acted like the spoiled idiots they seem to be by complaining that Africa was too dirty and gross.  Unfortunately though, it was the sisters Marianna & Julia who fell just behind the pack and wound up being eliminated.

This week, we watched teams spend another full leg in Burkina Faso (which I'm sure the blondes loved), and were introduced to this season's twist: the U-turn.  This season, instead of the traditional timed yield, the U-turn will force a team to go back and complete the other detour after already completing one.  I like the new twist, and I think it is more fair.  Quality teams will be able to complete the other task in a more timely manner, making it less of a penalty.

On this leg, the blondes decided to force Lorena & Jason, already behind the rest of the pack, to complete the U-turn.  Unfortunately, that pretty much ended the drama for the episode, as the pair was ultimately eliminated.  However, the front of the pack got more interesting as Azaria & Hendekea and Jennifer & Nathan ended up making a mad-dash for first, with Azaria & Hendekea grabbing the number one spot for the third time already.  I did find it funny that the result did end up with Jennifer pouting because they were beaten once again.

At this time, I'm actually starting to pick favorites.  Right now, I'm definitely in favor of Azaria & Hendekea, as they just seam like good people who have what it takes physically and mentally to compete the whole way.  As for those in the middle of the pack, my sentimental favorite is the team of Nicholas & Donald who seam like a team that shouldn't last long, but they manage to stick around.

As for the “wish you weren't here” list, I've still got three on the list:

  • Jennifer & Nathan – They try to have that “winning” attitude, but they really get on my nerves because they act like they deserve to win.
  • Shana & Jennifer – Because they're spoiled and ungrateful to be doing what they are doing.  Need I say more?
  • Kynt & Vyxsin – Because when I think neon pink and black, I still think 80's rock…not goth.  That, and Kynt has proven to be pretty much useless.

Now things are starting to get interesting though.  I'm looking forward to when we will see the non-elimination legs…and get back to some longer travel portions.

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