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Birthday Update

Well…once again I've been bad about posting on this blog.  While the holiday season has kept me busy, I've spent most of my posting efforts doing daily posts for my Advent Project over on If Jesus Had A Website.  It's been an interesting project, and I don't think I've ever posted so much.  Some days, I've gone for more informative posts, and others I've been more reflective.  All in all, it's been a great way for me to ponder all the different parts of the Christmas season and what exactly they mean.

I've also been working on the first version of my Last.Played pod for BlogCFC, which allows you to display the information and artwork for the most recently scrobbled song on, and its nearly complete.  I had been using the now playing plugin and display through iTunes, but since I found out about WinAmp 5.5, I've gotten away from iTunes.  Since I'm a user anyway, I thought this would be the best solution.  I might not get it done until after Christmas, but I'd rather be spending that time with family anyway.

Anyway, as the title of this post implies, today is my birthday.  Yep, another year older already, but at least I'm still the spring chicken at work.

Feel free to drop me a line with your birthday wishes, and let me know if you'd like to send me any gifts.

Just kidding!  I mean, unless you really want to!  That'd be awesome!

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