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Cloverfield: Good, Not Great…Still Worth Your Time

Well, I just got back from seeing the highly anticipated Cloverfield monster movie, and it was definitely an interesting flick.  I really liked the perspective it was shot from and the situations they put the characters in.  Nothing was over-the-top phoney; the characters actually acted like people, which was refreshing.

It was also nice that the monster didn’t stay hidden, like it has throughout the marketing campaign.  So, if you thought they might try and keep you in the dark about the monster, don’t worry.  There’s quite a few good shots of it.

They even did a nice job of weaving in some of the background as you see clips of video that avoided being taped over the night of the attack.  They really helped to develop the main characters, which in turn helps to drive the story.

Even the ending was fine.  If you think about the text you see at the beginning about the film being recovered in Central Park (also found in several of the trailers), you already knew about what was going to happen.

However, if you’re looking for answers and everything wrapped up in a neat little package (which I’m sure many of my fellow LOST fans can relate to), then you’re not going to get it.  While it is nice to know that stuff (and hopefully all the Tagruato, Slusho and TIDOwave stuff eventually come to fruition and explain where the monster came from), but having the movie come from the perspective of someone experiencing the attack (not involved in it) and the fact that the movie was going to be two hours or less, you really couldn’t expect all those details when they weren’t all that relevant.

So, I definitely recommend going to see Cloverfield.  Just don’t go in with the expectations that it will be the greatest monster movie ever.  After all, the movie really isn’t even really about the monster, it’s about the people.

However, it would be really awesome if they were to put together a sister movie that explains how the monster got there, and what happened to it after the end of Cloverfield.

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