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Why The Grammy’s No Longer Matter…

Last night, they held the 50th Annual Grammy Awards as The Recording Academy  tried desperately to hang on to it’s last shred of relevance…

…and then it all flew right out the window.

I have to admit that it’s been a long time since I found the Grammy’s relevant.  Heck, I found MTV’s VMAs more relevant until 10 years ago when they threw the awards away for a teenage popularity contest (I’m pretty sure this year Hannah Montana will win every VMA).  My interest in the show is so low that I probably would have watched the completely worthless Pro Bowl first.

It’s not just that the show is boring, but the Academy has continued to show that it is unable to keep up with the evolution of music over the past two decades.  Major awards go to one hit wonders, half of the nominated songs and albums you’ve probably never even heard, and many of the winners are simply the most popular artists (especially in the Rock category, as the most popular artists seem to be the only ones the judges have even heard of).

Looking at this year’s nominees and winners, it seems like some kind of bad joke.  Amy Winehouse taking home five awards for one average song (and I’m being kind calling it average…I think it’s awful).  Telling that to one co-worker today, I was told, “Well, she has a beautiful voice.”  That’s great, but the award is called “Record of the Year”, not “Has A Pretty Voice”.

And how many people even knew Herbie Hancock was still making music?  I haven’t heard anything from him since “Rockit” back in the 80’s.

And the Foo Fighters, whose 2007 release pales in comparison to some of their past works, won the “Best Rock Album” over Daughtry, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen and Wilco.  Heck, I can list at least four other album releases from last year that were better than the “Best Rock Album” and weren’t even nominated (Paramore – Riot!, Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight, Hard-Fi – Once Upon A Time In The West, and The Bravery – The Sun And The Moon).

Even Feist, who provides the music in those divinely irritating Apple ads these days, received several nominations.

So, as The Recording Academy desperately searches for relevance in a continually diversifying world of music, they just can’t seem to get it right.  Next year, turn off the crap they call a show, and turn on your favorite tunes.  Even if nobody else agrees, go ahead and enjoy what you like best.

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