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Damons: It Was Good Knowing Ya

Back when I was in high school (which was a decade ago now…yikes), the Damon’s in Hilliard, OH was the place where we went to hang out and get dinner.  We went there so often that one of my friends only asked for Damon’s gift certificates for Christmas and his birthday.  Back then, we would get plates of sloppy food (including the fabled Onion Loaf), and we’d huddle around the NTN trivia unit to compete against all comers.  We’d then follow that up with a movie, pool, or any other mischief we’d get into.  Lots of fond memories of that place.

Well, tonight my wife and I went to the Damon’s by us in Pittsburgh, and it will suffice to say that the place was barely recognizable.

Now, we had been to several other Damon’s restaurants in the past, and we had gotten pretty much what I expected.  I hadn’t walked away disappointed from a visit…until today.

Today, we were greeted by a new menu (not sure how old, but it had probably been a year since we were last there), with many un-Damon’s like options.  Their pulled-pork-like sandwich was covered with extra crap like jalapenos and cheese, with no plain pulled-pork sandwich option.  The ribs, a former feature item, were buried in the menu.  Even the Onion Loaf was missing…replaced by the mysterious Onion Tower (???).  Heck, they didn’t even have a plain hamburger on the menu.

Even my Buffalo Chicken Sandwich was not what I remembered, as I got a piece of chicken about a quarter-inch thick which I barely even noticed when I took a bite.  It left me yearning for the former hearty cut of chicken breast that was once used.

As I told my wife, they appeared to have “Tyler Florece-ed” the whole menu, with staples being replaced by more “interesting” but less appetizing entries.

Damon’s, you were once a fun and enjoyable part of my life, but you’ve changed.  I’ll always cherish the memories, but for now it’s probably best we got our seperate ways.

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