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Discovering Pittsburgh: Sesame Inn

The Sesame Inn has the best Chinese food in Pittsburgh, hands down.  And that's not just one man's opinion, as they have a series of awards to prove it.  Their General Tso's Chicken is simply amazing, and I've enjoyed everything else I've tried there.  The boiled dumpling appetizers are also extremely good, and a favorite of my wife.  That's no small task as we regularly frequent the restaurant because one of their four locations is within walking distance of my home.  And the quality is consistent, as I've eaten at three of the four locations.

It may not be the cheapest Chinese food in the area, but the prices are still reasonable with most of the meals coming in under $15.

The Sesame Inn also has some sentimental value for my wife and I as well, as it's the place that we had our first date a little over 5 years ago.

So if you're in Pittsburgh and enjoy good Chinese food, definitely stop by the Sesame Inn.  You won't be disappointed.

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