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Yes, I Am A Penguins Fan

It has been a long time since I really followed hockey.  Probably since the Whalers left Hartford, I just haven’t been as interested in the sport.

But I have to admit that last year around playoff time, I started rooting for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  They were just a young, talented but scrappy team that was just starting to figure out how to play together.  They were a hot team that just got knocked off their rocker by the Ottawa Senators when things ramped up into playoff speed.

And that basis made it so easy to continue rooting for them this year.  They really began to see what they could become, added a few grizzled vets, and called up a few more young guns.  Losing their goalie, Fleurry, and Crosby for a significant portion of the season forced a few of the players to step up and play like they could have been all along (see Malkin and Staal).  Now that everyone is back together, they’re easily one of the most talented teams in the NHL, and they’ll put that on the line tonight against the team with the best record in the league, the Detroit Red Wings.

If you haven’t followed hockey much in the past few years, you really should turn it on tonight for these Stanley Cup Playoffs.  These are probably two of the most talented teams to ever play for the cup, and it should be some great hockey to watch.


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