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Stock Market Facination

About a month ago, my wife sent me a link to CNBC’s Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, saying that she thought it would be something I’d be interested in. That probably came from my participation in ProTrade over the last year, which allows you to trade stock in athletes and teams based on their performance. Granted, it’s nothing like the real stock market and is much more volatile (as can be seen by my 3600% portfolio growth since last April). I had tried making the transition to stock market games before, but it usually wasn’t long before I lost interest.

Nonetheless, I decided to take up the challenge anyway. I figured that maybe with a few right moves, maybe I’d luck out and win the challenge.

A month later, I’m hooked. Plus, I’ve finally taken the time to do some of my homework and learned some of the key indicators for long-term stock performance (I just won’t end up being a day-trader…it’s not in my nature). It’s not that it’s easy, but the right indicators certainly help. So, right now I’m sitting with an entry already in the top 10% of all participants, with over a month and a half left to go. Hopefully, I can keep up the pace.

It’s definitely piqued my interest, and I’d love to try my hand at some actual stock investing in the near future now.

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