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As The Gallbladder Turns

Well, if you haven't heard by now, I've been hospitalized the last few days with an inflamed gallbladder. Originally, I thought the pain I'd been having since last Saturday morning was a bad and prolonged case of indigestion from eating too much fatty food and drinking too much pop. However, it turns out I was only partially right.

When the gas had persisted for a few days and the pain continued to grow into Wednesday, I finally decided to check in with my doctor, who almost immediately sent me into the hospital. In addition to my gallbladder being inflamed, I also had a 1.8cm gall stone.

However, the bad news was the inflammation, which meant that immediate surgery was not the preferred option because it was too risky. So now they're monitoring me for the pain and inflammation to start to die down so they can send me home for a few weeks and then have me return for the safer laparoscopic procedure.

So right now, I'm still in the hospital, being monitored and waiting for some kind of news.

However, the lesson for everyone reading this is to not wait too long when something doesn't appear right with your body. I thought I knew what was going on, but was wrong, and now I'm paying some of the price for being stubborn and thinking I could deal with it on my own.

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