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Recovery Update

Well, just to update you all, but I'm still here in the hospital on the mend.  Monday I had a minor procedure called an ERCP, which removed a gall stone that was blocking the duct from my gallbladder to my intestine.  While that alleviated the pain that had popped up over the weekend, the doctors said that my gallbladder was still very inflamed and wanted to remove it before another gallstone obstructed the duct.

So after two days of recovery from my ERCP, they scheduled me to have gallbladder removal surgery (a gallbladdectomy cholecystectomy) on Thursday morning which they were going to attempt laparoscopic procedure, meaning minimally invasive surgery, minimal scarring and a relatively quick recovery.  Unfortunately, during the procedure my gallbladder was still very inflamed and “stuck” to my liver and large intestine.  This forced them to open me up and complete the full open cholecystectomy, which will leave me with about an eight inch scar.

Now about 36 hours after the completion of the surgery, I'm starting to feel a bit better.  Yesterday was just extremely painful and I really didn't want to move at all.  Today, I have managed to get up as needed, and have even taken a little bit of a walk up and down the hall.  There's still a lot of pain, as I've got a big ol' cut across my abdomen being held together by a series of staples, but it's progressing in the right direction.  All I can do is try to keep healing and trying to do what I can.  If this kind of progress keeps up, I should be able to start eating tomorrow (I still haven't eaten anything more solid than Jell-O since last Sunday) and then be discharged on Sunday to continue my recovery and get back to living life.

I still ask for your continued prayers, as I know that I've still got a long road to full recovery and I just need to take things easy for the benefit of my health.  And if you know me, that's not always an easy thing for me to do.  But I'll be trying my best!

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