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Wipeout And Have A Few Good Laughs

My wife and I caught the premier of ABC’s Wipeout tonight, which is basically a takeoff of the Japanese Viking obstacle course type show, and we were very amused.  Even though the production efforts clearly weren’t there (with some pretty awful green screen work going on behind hosts John Henson [former Talk Soup host] and John Anderson [former SportsCenter anchor]), the show is hilarious for just watching regular people try and make it through these difficult obstacle courses and challenges only to take a spill in the water or mud.

Ya know, kinda like craning your neck at a car wreck or following the careers of a pop starlet, but it’s much funnier and nobody gets seriously hurt or emotionally scarred.

It’s not the kind of thing you’ll watch religiously, but if you’ve got a Tuesday evening this summer where you need a few laughs, then just turn on Wipeout and you’ll get your fill.

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