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Farewell To A Great Friend


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  Today was one of those days, as my first dog, Copper, had to be put down.  After more than 12 years, his body was just giving out on him, and my dad decided the best decision was to not leave him living in pain and fear.

It’s really one of those sad moments, and it’s hard to let go.  He was always well behaved and very loving.

I still remember the night we got him when I was in high school.  He was supposed to be a Christmas surprise, but as a nervous puppy, he got a bit yippy and gave away his presence a bit early.  Then we took him to my grandmother’s for our Christmas vacation visit, and while he ran around with us while we were sledding at the local golf course, he got a bit cold and my dad ended up walking around the rest of the afternoon with a little puppy head sticking out of his jacket.

Then there was the summer after I graduated from college when he was my workout buddy.  Three days a week we’d go jogging in the neighborhood for a few miles.  He’d always be pulling me, keeping me going, and he was well trained enough to sit at every intersection without me having to say a word.

While I haven’t lived around Copper full-time for a while, he’s always welcomed me back every time with a big grin and wagging tail.  He was so loyal and dependable, and it’s kinda depressing to think that he is no longer with us.

We’ll all miss you buddy!

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