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Another Year Together

Well, today Marci and celebrate three years of marriage, just a few months after celebrating the fifth anniversary of our first date. I know we both feel extremely blessed to have one another, and can't imagine life without one another. We've been through a lot together already in our marriage, but we always seem to be growing closer together.

Even though this year's anniversary snuck up on me (yes, major surgery can do that to you), I know we're both firmly looking towards the future together. We're in the process of buying a house for our family, which is already starting. That's right, while I was in the hospital, Marci found out that she was pregnant. I'm very excited to be a dad, but I've got to make sure I've got myself all healed up before then. So, we've just been grouping all these things together at once, it seems.

Of course, that's just how life goes though. You can plan all you want, but He may have something else in store. So we just continue to move forward in life, and grow in our love, knowing everything else will come together. That's how we've made it through the last three years, and will likely continue for many more.

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