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Not Less of a Man, Just Less Man

I'm sure most of you know that over the past year and a half, I've been losing weight. Not drastically, but little by little by eating better and exercising more. And in about 15 months, I had managed to lose and keep off 30 pounds, going from a bloated 267 down to 237, and feeling much better about myself (even though the doctors say that may have contributed to my gallstone/gallbladder problems).

Well, in the two week span around my surgery, I dropped another 16 pounds, checking in last weekend at a svelte 221. I'm sure it's mostly due to the fact that there were about seven days in the hospital when I wasn't allowed to have solid food.

I guess it made such a difference that a number of my co-workers mentioned that I looked a lot slimmer. It's not how I'd normally like to lose weight (yes, the big jumps are nice, but are much harder to maintain), but I'll take it this time. After all, I'm not trying to devour everything that comes near me (though I have had cravings for food I hadn't had for a while). In fact, my appetite has been down so far, and we'll see if it stays that way as I get healed up.

Anyway, now that my clothes are getting baggy, I'm feeling even better about the way I look, and I'm going to keep on working to keep the weight off. At least within the limits of my healing process. That'll just mean more smart eating choices and plenty of walking for now.

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