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Sharing "DJ GuruGreg" With The World

Nearly a decade ago, I spent several weeks playing around with a music making package during my freshman year in college.  This was before I knew how to play guitar, but really wanted to try and express my creative side.  As a result of that experimentation, I created an “album” of techno and dance style music.

For many years, that music laid buried amongst my MP3 collection and a few white elephant gifts that I had given to unsuspecting souls over the years.  But no longer…

Now, I have uploaded that album to share with the world on  Introducing, DJ GuruGreg's first public album, Primero.  Not looking to do much other than put it out there, and maybe cause some discussion.  Just try not to be too harsh…remember, I was just experimenting.

Plus, if you've got some music you've recorded and you'd like to share with the world, has introduced the Music Manager which will allow you to do just that.  That's what I did.  After all, what good are our creations if we just keep them to ourselves.  Share them with the world, and you never know what might happen!

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