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Back To Real Baseball

Well, this week has been a fairly quiet one, as the only semblance of baseball that was played took place an Yankee Stadium. The media is still going on and on about the experience, presumably being paid by the Steinbrenners because I haven't heard a word from anyone else about it. It'll have to do as a send-off though, because it doesn't look like there's going to be much of interest going on at the stadium as the pinstripers are falling further and further behind the Red Sox and Rays in the division.

But now we get back to this crazy and wonderful season where nothing is what you'd expect. Few of the usual candidates are in line for any kind of awards this year, and a number of expected contenders and also-rans have swapped places. With two more weeks until the trade deadline, it looks like things could get a lot more interesting as well.

Most importantly, I'll have to get back to updating my fantasy rosters daily, which is a fun habit to be in!

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