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It Was Designed This Way…And Approved?

Well, the Indianapolis Colts are preparing to debut their new stadium, and at a recent media tour, they were showing off their new surroundings. However, not everything was so spectacular:

Yep, those are actual seats in a brand new stadium. I’m not surprised when I see these things in old stadiums where the primary concerns were supporting the structures, and oftentimes seats were added to go behind poles to increase capacity.

To the credit of the Colts ticket sales teams, these tickets will normally not be sold unless demand was really high, and even then the buyer would be notified that the views from the seats are obscured. However, that begs the question, if you weren’t going to sell the seats, then why build them in the first place? Ah, when bad planning meets bad engineering.

Oh, and even better is the rumor that when the Super Bowl comes to town, they’ll build additional suites in place of the obscured seats. Nothing like planning ahead!

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