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“Happily Married and Dreaming of Divorce”?

Unfortunately, I came across this article through CNN (through Oprah's publishing group) about a woman complaining about her husband and how much work their marriage is. In all honesty, it's a horrible piece of writing that does little more than demonstrate that the author would rather complain about her life in a public forum than do anything to improve it.

Interesting was the point she tried to make that “divorce” is no longer a dirty word and looked down upon. That may be true in her circle of New York City friends, but I'm certain that it's not so well accepted in the rest of the country. I know I still view divorce as something that never really needs to happen. Of course, there are cases where it is for the best (namely cases of battered or cheating spouses), yet most divorces result from bad decision making (because likely you didn't know the person well enough going into the relationship, or foolishly decided you could change them) or lack of effort (it's amazing how many people can't even discuss their true feelings with their spouse).

And in the end, she concludes that the real power is knowing she has a choice to stay with or leave her husband. Of course, if I were her husband and I read that, it begins to sound a lot more like blackmail. “Here's where you've screwed up, and if you keep it up, I'm leaving!” Yep, that sounds like a real solid foundation to build a close-knit emotional bond upon. I can't believe it's not working!

In the end, this is just another jet spray in the fountain of crap that is the Oprah empire, cornering the market on false women's empowerment, quasi-spirituality, and insincere charity (boy, what a farce the Big Give was…she hardly gave a crap). With quality like this, you can be certain that I will be avoiding all content with her trademark upon it.

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