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A Labor Day Weekend Of Love

Last Thursday, my wife and I closed on our first home, and I’ve been spending the time since then on renovations before we move in sometime late September. So far, I’ve torn up all the carpets (with some pretty good looking hardwood underneath in the nearly 70-year-old structure) and gotten rid of the majority of the wallpaper, both of which were at least older than I am. It’s made for a long 4-day weekend (after I took Friday off), but it’s been well worth it as the place is already looking much better. Over the next few weeks, I’m sure I’ll be busy with more renovation projects, but it’s a very rewarding feeling knowing the place is ours.

Plus, I’d like to have everything in order before the new family member comes along in six more months. That’s right, my wife is heading into her second trimester already! So I’ve got my work cut out to get everything in order before then…

Next step: refinishing those hardwood floors to make them shine!

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