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The House Has Become Life

Well, haven't spent too much time on the computer, aside from work, lately because most of my time has been goin towards working on
the house. While I got a few big things done right away (i.e. the carpets and wallpaper), I've shifted modes to the longer and less
obvious tasks, like patching holes.

This week I finally also got to start working on priming the walls (mostly to cover up the colors we didn't like and make the
patched spots blend in), which will hopefully allow me to begin painting with actual colors sometime this weekend.

Then, besides the work we've been doing, we've also got some professionals coming in as well. This weekend we're upgrading
the main electric panel from fuses to breakers, and then next week we're bringing in a team to refinish the floors that had been
hidden under the old, nasty carpet. With those changes, in a week it's going to start feeling like a whole new house!

We're very glad that things are working out timewise though, so we can have the floors finished and cured before we have to start
moving our furniture in at the end of the month. And when I say working out, I know that God was smiling down on us last night when we
were able to bring in a quality refinishing company to give us a reasonable estimate and work on the timeline we needed. And that was
quite the relief in what has been a very busy, and somewhat stressful, time.

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