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GuruGreg's NFL Round-Up: 1/8th Done, and Thing Are No Clearer

So we've now completed two weeks of this young NFL season, and the picture has simply become more muddled. Yet, little has come under the microscope the last few days than the critical missed fumble call made by Ed Hochuli, the ref with the guns, in the San Diego-Denver game. While it was a bad mistake, that's all it was in this case.

In this case, the problem was not so much that the wrong call was made, but that the whistle was blown prematurely. In today's NFL, officials are encouraged to swallow their whistles when it comes to ball possession and let the replay correct any mistakes. However, Hochuli got a little trigger happy and blew the whistle early, initially thinking he saw a pass attempt and not a fumble.

However, you have to give Hochuli credit for recognizing his mistake and apologizing for it immediately. He didn't make a mistake and stand by it to avoid looking wrong or uncertain, but he took responsibility for it. So, while he should be criticized for his mistake, at least he's still setting a good example with his actions.

This Week's Ups:

  • Pittsburgh, New England, Denver and Dallas – Each moves to 2-0 with wins over bitter division rivals.
  • Jay Cutler – He's just carving up opposing defenses so far, and has come up big under pressure.
  • Indy Finds It's Offense and Comes Back – Staring 0-2 in the face, the Colts turn it up and start playing like they can in overcoming a 15-0 deficit to the Vikings.

This Week's Downs:

  • Early Favorites Go To 0-2 – San Diego, Jacksonville and Minnesota can't find the win column.
  • Atlanta Gets Grounded – The Falcons find out that some teams not from the state of Michigan do play defense.
  • Kansas City BBQed – First, they knock out Tom Brady and can't beat the Pats. Then they get trounced by an Oakland team still trying to figure things out.
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