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If A Team Wins The Division And Nobody Sees It, Does It Still Go Down In The Record Book?

So last night, the Red Sox and Rays played for the right to take the lead in the AL East. You’d expect a sellout crowd for that kind of game, right? Especially when the Rays have been so bad for so long, it should be a big event. Kinda like Northwestern playing for the right to go to the Rose Bowl.

Not in Tampa. They drew more than their average 13,000 (reasonable off-hand guess-timation), but they always draw more when the BoSox are in town.

I’m a Red Sox fan, and was disappointed to see them drop last night’s game to the Rays; but I cannot understand how the people of Tampa have not gotten behind that team. I’m a devoted Sox fan, and I don’t live anywhere near Boston!

It’s pretty close to being one of the most historical seasons in the history of baseball, especially if they play David and win the division typically held by the Boston and New York Goliaths. And they still can’t sell out the stadium. It’s absolutely rediculous.

And that’s what Grinds My Gears…

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