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MLB Playoffs Are Here Again

So after a long and grueling season (extra long, if you're a member of the Chicago White Sox), we're now taking the Top 8 into the playoffs, baseball's second season.  How will it play out?  Well, here's what I think will happen:

Divisional Series

Red Sox vs. Angels – The Halos have had their spot in the postseason locked up for some time now, while the Red Sox fought all season for the East division.  While the Angels handled the BoSox easily during the season, Boston has handled them in the playoffs recently.  I say history continues it's trend and the Sox take the series in 4.

White Sox vs. Rays – The Pale Hose snuck into the playoffs with their 163rd game, and are due for the hangover.  However, they won't go quietly.  The Rays' youth will take this one in 5.

Dodgers vs. Cubs – The Cubs have been the frontrunner all season, and definitely went on cruise control down the stretch and Big Z was all out of whack.  The Dodgers have a good rotation and hot bats around Manny Ramirez, and will bring more misery to the faithful of chicago by taking the series in 4.

Brewers vs. Phillies – The Brewers are a team that hadn't seen the postseason in well over two decades (yes, since before some of their players were born), and they squeeked into the playoffs.  But unless CC Sabathia can pitch three times in the series, their ride ends here.  Phillies should take the series in 5.

League Championship Series

Red Sox vs. Rays – A team who routinely makes the playoffs against a club making their first ever trip.  That lack of experience with postseason failure will be the Rays best hope, but the BoSox just have too much experience for a short series, and should take the series in 6 games.

Dodgers vs. Phillies – This could be a fun series that is truly up for grabs.  Both are solid, if unspectacular, but the Dodgers hold the pitching edge, which is key in the postseason.  Blue in 7.

World Series

Red Sox vs. Dodgers – In what could be one of the most-watched, media-hyped, and entertaining World Series of my lifetime, it would pit the Manny-less Red Sox agains the Dodgers who Manny carried into the postseason.  However, the Sox can match the pitching of the Dodgers, and have a better lineup from top to bottom.  Expect the Red Sox to take the series in 7, with mini-might Dustin Pedroia taking the MVP honors in his second full season in the bigs.

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