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Al Davis: Making Marge Schott Look Sane Since Always

Al Davis should have patented “You’re Fired” before Donald Trump got the chance…

Earlier this week, Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis fired his head coach, Lane Kiffin, only four weeks into the new season.  Not only was Kiffin fired, but he was fired “with cause”, meaning that Davis just doesn’t like him and refuses to honor their contract.  The team is now on their 5th coach in 6 seasons, with no stability in sight.

And I’m sure this whole Kiffin firing is going to blow up into something bigger.  Kiffin is a young coach who was a bit too honest at times, but had his team playing hard for him.  Seeing as he had no input on personnel decisions, regardless of what “documentation” Davis has, he was in a tough spot (which he should have known he would be, because he was employed by Al Davis).  Now Davis is calling Kiffin an outright liar and rambling on about other conspiracies of the league agains the Raiders (like the unfiled “tampering” charge against New England over Randy Moss…Davis was just upset that Randy gave up on his Raiders team and went on to play well for the Patriots last season).  Even those who usually take an unbiased stance in their reporting are calling Davis a flat-out liar.

With these events, Davis continues to make a mockery of himself and the Raiders organization.  Until he either changes his ways (not likely) or steps down as the head of the Raiders organization, it’s unlikely that the Raiders will even have the chance to return to glory.

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