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Slowing Down From Breakneck To Just A Slight Blur

Well, we've come a long way with the house, and we're now stepping back a little and working to prioritize projects.  Our master bedroom and office are about 99% done with just some finishing touches to go and most of the electrical work (upgrading from fuses to breakers, two-prong to three-prong outlets and GFIs, and putting in new switches) is done.  Still, the list of things we'd like to get done is still long, but we're working on prioritizing those and handling them as we go.  It's nice to slow down a bit, because working long days and coming home just to do more work on the house was beginning to wear on me a bit.

We're also trying to pick out a theme for our nursery.  Right now, it seems like teddy bears playing sports and VeggieTales are leading the way.  Both seem good to me, as I love sports, and VeggieTales still make me laugh. (On that note, we picked up the latest VeggieTales movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, to have down the line for our kid, and while previewing it I literally laughed until I cried.  It's witty and enjoyable for all ages.)  Hopefully we can come to a decision on that by the new year so I can shift my focus from the rest of the house to setting up the nursery.

Lastly, but not leastly, Marci and I will be out in Arizona late next week as we make the trip out to see my brother, Geoff, and his grilfriend, Courtney.  Looking forward to that, and just getting away for a few days.  Should be a good time to get some relaxing in, plus a little more warm weather, as it went from 70s to 40s around here in about a week, which has been a bummer.  One weekend I was out doing yardwork in a t-shirt, and the next I'm searching for my winter jacket.  Ah, but such is the weather here in Pittsburgh…

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