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Ted Stevens: Another Case Of Voter Misinformation?

For ages, politicians have been accused of being unscrupulous crooks.  However, voters have managed to keep from putting a known crook into office.

But that track record may come to an end.

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens [who has served 40 years in the Senate, was often quoted when he regarded the internet as a “series of tubes”, and was repeatedly denounced by Obama, McCain and Palin for his conviction for failing to properly report gifts] is still in the contest for re-election.  The vote has been so close, the position has still not been decided.

And, to me, that is absolutely mind-bottling.  Here is a man who was convicted just before Election Day, is likely to be forced to resign if he does end up winning re-election, and he still got nearly 50% of the vote of his constituents.  Do they just remember who they voted for last time and do it again, or are they simply ignoring the news of his conviction?  In all honesty, it's stories like this that make people lose faith in the democratic system.

So, next time a convicted fellon decides to run for office in your neck of the woods, remember to do your due dilligence and not vote for them!

UPDATE: Thankfully, the voters did manage to keep the streak going, with Ted Stevens losing out on his re-eleciton bid.  So, maybe there is some hope after all…

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