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Plaxico Burress shoots self in leg!?!

New York Giants wide receiver, Plaxico Burress is not known for his smarts, which he provided Exhibit T (yes, we're waaay past A) of last night by accidentally shooting himself in the leg.

Not that ESPN is downplaying the story or anything by using the headline “Giants' Burress hurt in accidental shooting“.  Look, don't make it sound like someone else accidentally shot him and make us feel bad for him.  No, this moron somehow managed to shoot himself in the leg, probably putting him out for the remainder of the season.  He's just lucky that he didn't kill himself by hitting one of the many key arteries that are in the hamstring.

Now, the question is how did he manage to do this to himself?  Was he rolling with his posse at the club and not realize that he probably doesn't have to carry his own piece?  Or maybe he's never heard of a safety outside of the football field?  Well, he should have time to think about it when the league suspends him for his rediculous off-field behaviour.

If we're lucky, this joker will soon find himself in jail for this incident as well.  At minimum, it's reckless endangerment and, likely, carrying a concealed weapon.  After all, it wouldn't be half the joke it currently is if someone else had been accidentally shot…

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